JARVIS (Artificial Intelligence Based OS)

Most of you have watched the Sci-Fi Movie Iron Man. Where the main lead Robert Downey (Iron Man - Tony Stark) does most of his work with the help of his system called JARVIS. It Stands for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System".This System responds to what Iron Man asks for like
Iron Man -  "Jarvis, do me a favor, blow the Mark 42". 
Its possible to make this type of computer because in the movie,Iron man use windows speech recognition macros to give the instructions to JARVIS.

So Inspired from this movie, a group of computer security enthusiast pursuing their bachelors degree (BCA) have built Operating System named "JARVIS ". Its totally different from other OS because its function can be control by voice. This OS will help the users for information gathering, scanning, searching etc. Also handling Social profiles for users.
Basically its based on Artificial Intelligence and Compelling looks .This initiative was taken by 18 years old guy named "Chirag Dewan".

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